~ sketchbook ~ flower spine p 43

In case anyone notices, there probably isn’t going to be much activity here for a few months. I’m going to be busy with a project that won’t allow me to keep up the sketchbook production.

Don’t take the hiatus as a loss of enthusiasm for the blog! That is not the case. Everything will go back to the way it was just as soon it’s possible.

C U S∞N!

p 42

3 thoughts on “~ sketchbook ~ flower spine p 43

  1. I’ll miss these sketchbook pages, but I’m looking forward to your new (comic? Natural World?) project.

  2. Thanks Greg! It’s not Natural World. I’m afraid I have to draw that out even more, unfortunately. This other thing is way way overdue also. I’m trying really hard to make the time to work on this stuff cuz I’m excited about all of it.

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