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Here’s some news that I have been looking forward to posting for a while. Not that long ago (although it was before my daughter Sally was born so to me it feels like ages ago) I was invited by Chuck Forsman to contribute a cover for the latest Sundays anthology. ¬†And now MoCCA is this weekend and the books are all printed and bound and ready for their big debut! If you’ll be at MoCCA* you’ll find them at table H15.

It’s great collection of cartoonists.

I could really get used to the luxury of designing a cover and having someone else do all the tedious pulling of the squeegee**. In this case that someone else(s) was Joseph Lambert (who has his own book published by Secret Acres debuting at MoCCA too) and Alex Kim. Man, what a amazing job they did!

The production is generously documented on the Sundays blog***. It looks everyone must have busted their butts last weekend hand-binding stacks of books for the show.

In addition to the cover I managed to also hand in a story for the anthology. And only one month late! It is a tale of misanthropy steeped in haze and fog. Here are the first 3 pages as a preview :

Sundays page 1

Sundays page 2

Sundays page 3

I’m honored to have been a part of the book. I hope you’ll check it out if you get the chance. (And while you’re at it check out the Kids anthology edited by Melissa Mendes and Jose-Luis Olivares.)

* I’m sad that this will be the first time I won’t be at MoCCA, but my excuse for staying home more than makes up for it.

** Pulling the squeegee is actually only one of many tedious tasks involved in screenprinting. I have conveniently glossed over the remaining tedium in the name of not bogging this blog down in tedious lists of tedium.

*** I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for production photos when it comes to comics and screenprinting.

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